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Getting to Know: @style.withasmile

Getting to Know: @style.withasmile


What inspired you to go vegan?

Oh, I actually have a whole article about it in my blog, called “Why I’m Vegan, And Why You Should Be, Too”.

I went vegan 6 years ago, after watching the documentary “Earthlings” - a life-changing, shocking, hard and sad experience, but I told myself that I just have to watch it if I do support those industries. With so much pain and tears - I became vegan that day - because I love animals and think they deserve to live happily and peacefully on this planet, just like we do.


noa style with a smile


What made you start blogging?

In the past, I was a social activist for animal rights for two years and gave my heart and soul into activism. I did everything: demonstrations, marches, exhibitions, even opened a farm sanctuary with my friends, but after two years, I felt like it was too much for me mentally and decided to stop, for my own good.

After a year, I felt the urge to still do something and decided to open my blog: this way, I combine what I love, which is fashion and writing, with my love for animals, my ethics and beliefs. Style with a Smile is all about positive activism: I do address the problems, but I focus on the solutions and show that there is an alternative to basically everything, no matter what it is.

This way, with a positive approach and without graphic content - more people are open to listen and to learn.  


What would be your main advice to someone trying to go vegan?

Be proud of yourself for the decision to stop supporting cruelty. You are making such a huge step towards a better life for the animals, for the planet and for yourself.

This journey might not be easy for some people, but I promise you it is so worth it! I highly recommend you to do your research, join vegan groups on Facebook who are filled with people like yourself who’d love to help you out and even join Challenge 22+! You can also check my blog for further information regarding vegan fashion.


Is sustainability an important part of your profile?

It definitely is! I’m not even close to being the perfect most sustainable person, but I am trying my best to be better, choose better and live more consciously every day!

I made huge changes in my life already, including a very long “no-buy” since May of 2018 (apart from one pair of thrifted pants!) and I always encourage others to live more consciously too. I also work for a sustainable magazine called Eluxe.


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This year you collaborated with LaBante London, can you tell us more about that?

Yes! Working with LaBante has been a wonderful experience. I got to really learn and educate myself further about this lovely brand in order to create a very informative article - I’m happy to say I discovered an amazing brand with wonderful cruelty-free products and our ethics tie perfectly together.


What is your pet peeve?

Hmm.. hard question! I would say my pet peeve is when people are taking things or actions for granted, injustice and dishonesty. Oh, and when people are not on time! lol


What do you love doing in your spare time when you are not working or posting on Instagram?

I wish I had more of that time! Haha! I love going out to a long walk in nature or strolling around the city, meeting with friends and family, reading (and daydreaming) about beautiful places around the world and listening to good music, too.


What is the most terrifying thing you have ever had to do?

I had a friend with suicidal thoughts and had to help her and convince her not to commit suicide while she was really going to do that - over the phone. She lives far away so I couldn’t really be there for her physically - it was such a nightmare, it was really terrifying, sad and stressful. The friend is alright now, though :)


If you were to choose your top three bags from LaBante which one would those be?

The Gwen and Kensington bags, which I do own and absolutely adore and the Aricia bag :)


What are your plans for the future? Are you planning to do more videos or is there anything specific you are working on for 2019?

My plans are to keep doing what I love to do, to improve Style with a Smile even more and grow my community: I hope that people who read my blog would get inspiration from the content I create and find it helpful and valuable!  

I'd also like to create even more content about ethical, fair, vegan fashion and travel, and educate myself further around these subjects. Additionally, I would also like to maybe open a YouTube channel, but we will see about that :)


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