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Getting to know: Rhian HY

Getting to know: Rhian HY

Despite being known as an all round lifestyle blogger and vlogger with social media platforms from Instagram, YouTube and blogger; Rhian is also known for her amazing body tattoos. Ditching the British life for a new beginning as a wife in the States- hints where the title ‘wifelife’ came about. Rhian stands out by far, from the other vloggers as she discusses issues such as mental health, well-being plus teaching us ladies a few DIY techniques on her YouTube channel.

You have over 30k subscribers on your YouTube channel which is understandable, as you literally cover everything from DIYs, Beauty and Food. What we want to know is how long did it take you to become such a well known and successful Youtuber?

I started by sharing my favourite products or techniques on Tumblr and then Instagram, over time people kept asking me to make YouTube videos so I finally gave it a whirl. I’ve been on YouTube for 3 years now and started by posting very sporadically and just for fun, but recently switched to a more consistent upload schedule this year which I am loving.

Where did the idea for Wifelife come about?

The name Wifelife came about because I needed a username for Tumblr and at the time had just moved to America and married my husband, I picked that just because it fit what I was sharing of my new life at the time and since then it's stuck! I have been tempted to change it, but now people know that name, I think it's here for good!

How do you manage to keep up with publishing content on your blog, Instagram and YouTube?

Lists. Lots and lots of lists and planning. For me, consistency is key in keeping people engaged so I try and stick to a schedule and make sure I have content queued a week or two in advance so I’m covered if life throws a curveball at me.

I also use social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram to let people know when new content is up, it’s a fun way to share and get feedback from people all over the world.

What do you enjoy blogging about the most?

Lately, I’ve really been releasing more videos than blog posts, but I love writing so I plan on getting back to that. I do love thoroughly reviewing make-up, but I also like writing about topics like Veganism or self-care so it’s definitely fun to change it up.

How would you describe your fashion sense?

Simple, comfy chic. Most of my clothes are cotton or some type of soft, stretchy fabric because I just have no tolerance for discomfort. I usually go for more plain items instead of patterns; since I have so many tattoos, I think it can look a little “busy” sometimes. I mostly pick black, grey or white with a hint of denim or faux leather. When everything in your closet “goes” it's a lot easier to pick out outfits!

Top three must have bags from LaBante right now?

I have to mention the Kensington in black since that was my first introduction to LaBante. I’ve worn this with anything from athleisure-wear to a Great Gatsby themed fundraiser so it’s definitely a must have piece for me. For something a little edgier but still with a classic feel, I love the Dunlin in black and for a true classy touch I love the Cypress in Brown!

How long have you been Vegan for?

I was raised vegetarian then transitioned to Veganism slowly over the last 5 years or so. Being lactose intolerant certainly helped me along the way and I feel healthier than ever now!

What would be your advice to someone who is trying to go vegan?

Do what you can and don’t overwhelm yourself. Try not to get lazy about it and always go for vegan junk food or you’re probably going to start feeling pretty junky yourself. I really think cutting out one thing at a time and trying things out to replace those old favourites is the way to go!

How many tattoo sessions have you had and are you planning on getting any more?

I’m honestly not sure, but I was getting them steadily over the last 10+ years and have just slowed down over the last couple of years. There’s nothing I specifically have in mind right now, but… I never say never.

Despite working on your social media site is there anything else you do during your spare time?

I love to go hiking and see new places with friends and family and travel is a big part of my life after leaving the UK for the USA 10 years ago. Other than adventuring I’d have to say yoga and some good old self care… it's the simple things!

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